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Representative Matters for Employers

  • Represented a large private company in response to an employee’s racial harassment claim and the termination of the employee’s supervisor.
  • Represented a technology company in the settlement of an overtime claim by one of the early stage employees.
  • Represented a family business in response to a sexual harassment claim by a long term employee.
  • Represented a venture financed technology company in response to a discrimination claim.
  • Represented a private technology company when an employee claimed that she had been sexually harassed by an important customer.
  • Represented an engineering firm in response to a religious discrimination claim.
  • Represented a large private company in a companywide layoff and restructuring.
  • Represented a medical practice in the termination of a doctor over unethical conduct and in the post-termination claim by the doctor.
  • Represented a venture-funded company as it set up its employment policies, employment agreements and stock option plan.
  • Represented an internet company as it made equity grants to early stage employees and set up its stock option plan for later employees.
  • Represented an entertainment company in the hiring, compensation and termination of creative employees.
  • Represented a law firm in the termination of a pregnant employee.
  • Represented an insurance firm in the termination of an employee on indefinite medical leave.
  • Represented a venture-funded company regarding the termination of its founder.
  • Represented an agricultural company in the termination of one of its founders.
  • Represented an internet company in a dispute between the founder and the venture capital firms that had financed the company.
  • Represented an employer when a senior employee left to form a competing business and started soliciting employees and customers.
  • Represented a family-owned business in the development of a phantom stock plan for senior employees.

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